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What is Nordic Walking ?
Nordic Walking is an enhancement of regular walking using specifically designed Nordic Walking poles to create a complete body workout. The intensity of Nordic Walking training can be adjusted for different target groups for health, fitness and sport levels. The movements executed with the correct technique improve body awareness, control, posture, breathing and overall well-being. Nordic Walking can improve the quality of life
Invented in Finland
Nordic Walking is a natural, safe, effective and complete physical activity suitable for all. With specially designed Nordic Walking poles, Nordic Walking is a scientifically proven activity that combines regular walking with elements of cross-country skiing (Nordic skiing) arm and shoulder movements. Active and controlled trunk movements together with correct body alignment and core stability are also important parts of Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking provides...
* An enhancement of regular walking * Natural and fluid movements engaging up to 90 % of the body muscles * Harmonic and symmetric training for the whole body * Effective aerobic conditioning due to activation of both large and small muscle groups that provide rhythmic and dynamic movements * Increased blood circulation and metabolism * Continuous alternation of activation and relaxation of the muscles involved, promoting relief in tight muscles * Safe, healthy, bio-mechanically correct movements * Correct body alignment and posture * Learned skills that can be transferred to everyday life * Physical exercise suitable for all, irrespective of age, sex or physical condition * A non-competitive sport
In short: Nordic Walking provides a natural, safe and effective way to improve one's aerobic capacity while engaging up to 90% of the body muscles. Nordic Walking training results in other important health benefits. These learned skills can be transferred to everyday life and can be seen, for example, as better walking, better body control and posture
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